Dutch Wavemakers* work to create water awareness and help children to think about water quality, water quantity and water safety. This is done via the Mobile Living Water Lab and our classroom visit program.

Dutch Wavemakers during Volvo Ocean Race in The Hague

To make a difference in the future, water awareness needs to become a part of young people’s DNA. Influencers can help to connect with youth through education programs and make them water aware.

The Dutch Wavemakers can give interactive guest lectures at primary and secondary schools. While taking small steps, we help make children realize that having enough, clean and safe water is not self-evident.

During the Volvo Ocean Race finish in The Hague:

  • From 24 June - 1 July schools can visit our Mobile Waterlab in the Volvo Ocean Race Village every day from 09.00 A.M. - 15.00 P.M.

  • From 15.00 P.M. - 19.00 P.M. Free entry! Kids from all ages can visit us, and try their waterskills!

For more information contact us at

Race Village:                    
Strandweg 4

2586 JK

Den Haag

The mobile waterlab will be in front of 'The Globe' (number 32 on the map). 

*Dutch Wavemakers
Professional water sports athletes and students work together for a water secure world. They share the message on safe and clean water by organising Mobile Waterlabs, giving lectures at high schools and start the discussion with the industry, governments & education