In cooperation with Sailservice, ZSL introduces the "Living Water Lab".

The mobile living water lab can be used in any place, for example at schools, events and unique locations in the field. The children get to wear a lab coat and will become in the position of a laboratory worker. As a laboratory worker, they accomplish several scientific tests in a laboratory with common materials. The aim is to make children acquainted with physics, chemistry, biology, but above all clean oceans, in a fun way.


All tests are provided with worksheets including step-by-step description. During the tests, the children have to answer several questions to make them think about the subjects of the tests.  


A small selection of the tests:

  • Bubbles in soap: Can you blow a bubble in a bubble?

  • Cup in freezer: What happens if you put a cup of water in the freezer?

  • T-shirt: Does water go through a T-shirt?

  • Accumulate three liquids: What happens if you mix water, oil and syrup?

  • Salt, water and oil: What happens with salt in a glass of water and oil?

  • Dry finger: How does your finger stay dry in water?

  • Power of water: How hard can water draw a Ping-Pong ball?

  • Paper in water: Is it possible to keep paper dry in water?

  • Drawing pin on water: Why can some animals run on water?

  • The power of water: How strong is water?

  • Soap cube: How can we make a square bubble?

  • Wool in water: Can water flow upwards?


Each class has a maximum of 30 children and takes 1 hour, often in combination with a Plastic Soup presentation.