DB Pirates All Girls Beach Festival


The Black Dog Consultants All Girls Beach Festival is fast approaching and excitement is building within both local and international teams as they prepare to face off in what will be an incredible weekend of women’s and girl’s rugby.


With a whopping 520 players expected on the weekend, the competition is set to be fierce.  In addition to a cut-throat ladies and girl’s competition, players and supporters will have an opportunity to meet the Hong Kong Women’s World Cup stars, attend a skills session run by Deacon Manu, Head Coach of Pirates Rugby and ex-Fiji Captain (in conjunction with Rugby Academy Asia) and even try their hand at Dragon Boating with the DB Pirates very own Dragon Boat team.


In addition to the competition, Dutch Wavemakers, an international NGO working closely with the Volvo Ocean Race organisers and teams (on the Hong Kong stopover of this year’s VOR), will be raising awareness of the “plastic soup” and possible solutions through innovative experiments and demonstrations for all participants and spectators.  Come on down to Tai Pak Beach, Discovery Bay on Sunday for your chance to meet sailors from one of the teams and see how successful (or not) they are at applying their sailing skills to Hong Kong’s other great water sport, Dragon Boating.


In cooperation with Sailservice, ZSL introduces the "Living Water Lab". The mobile living water lab will be used during the DB Pirates All Girls Beach Festival. During this festival we want to show children how much fun it is to challenge the water and to think about how it challenges us.

A small selection of the tests:

  • Bubbles in soap: Can you blow a bubble in a bubble?

  • Salt, water and oil: What happens with salt in a glass of water and oil?

  • The power of water: How strong is water?

  • Soap cube: How can we make a square bubble?

  • Wool in water: Can water flow upwards?

Sunday, 28 January 10.00 A.M. - 14.00 P.M.
Tai Pak Beach, Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

Professional water sports athletes and students are working together for a water secure world. Students and professional water athletes form teams, which are supported by renowned institutes in the area of water curricula. The teams are in the middle of forming international networks and sharing information. In other words: they are the ideal ambassadors for the enhancement of (inter)national water awareness.


The students come from all parts of the world and represent a rich variety of expertise: Civil Engineering, Water Research, Water Management and Aquatic Ecotechnology. The professional water athletes have high ambitions. Some of them have participated in big international sports events such as the Olympic Games, America’s Cup Endeavour programme or the Volvo Ocean Race. Everyone has a NOC*NSF status or are world- or European Champions. They are connected to ZSL and intrinsically motivated to take part in the programme by their passion for water.