Worldwide, the Dutch Wavemakers make children water aware by organizing water labs. During the stopover in Cape Town, the Dutch Wavemakers have reached many children by visiting local primary schools, high schools and side events. For example, we were present at a Saturday School of Royal Haskoning and at a Youth Football Festival presented by the Dutch Consulate General of Cape Town to give workshops and make children water aware and -enthusiastic. Ex pro soccer players Johan Neeskens, Pierre van Hooijdonk and Anouk Hoogendijk were attending as well, together we performed magic, or was it science?


In cooperation with Sailservice, ZSL introduces the "Living Water Lab". The mobile living water lab can be used in any place, for example at schools, events and unique locations in the field. During the stopover in Cape Town we showed children how much fun it is to challenge the water and to think about how it challenges us.


A small selection of the tests:

  • Bubbles in soap: Can you blow a bubble in a bubble?

  • Salt, water and oil: What happens with salt in a glass of water and oil?

  • The power of water: How strong is water?

  • Soap cube: How can we make a square bubble?

  • Wool in water: Can water flow upwards?


Royal HaskoningDHV South Africa shares our ambition to have more golden hands and big brains of the younger generation involved in the water sector. The 12th grade students of the Kasselsvlei Comprehensive High School finished their final exams last week and applied their knowledge in the water lab. Additionally, they taught the Dutch Wavemakers 5 of their 11 official languages. Mutual learning!


Meet the students Joshua and Stuart of the Kasselsvlei Comprehensive High School. These smart guys answered most questions of our Water Lab correctly. The question about the experiment ‘Glass upside down’ was a difficult one. It has to do with atmospheric pressure. The surrounding air pushes against the postcard and prevents the water from falling out of the glass when you hold it upside down. At sea level, each square centimeter can hold back 1kg. So the postcard can easily hold back the 300ml of water (equals 0.3kg).

This week the Dutch Wavemakers were present at the Youth Football Festival in Cape Town, presented by the Dutch Consulate General of Cape Town. 


Without Wetsus, European centre of intelligence for sustainable water technology, we couldn't provide these fun and educational experiments to make children water aware.


Dutch Wavemakers, Charlotte Heijstek, Katja Roose and Wyona Boers share their first 'do it yourself' experiments.

DO try this at home!