More. Approximately 2.1 billion
gallons (over 3,000 Olympic swimming pools) flow through the rivers into Narraganset Bay.
False! Rivers can cause flooding
too, and so does heavy rainfall. In
March 2010 there was a flooding
in Rhode Island, caused by a few
days of steady rainfall. This caused
the soil to be saturated and not
being able to carry away the water
This is true. Around 40% of The
Netherlands is below sea level,
so if no protection was made this
would all be flooded. The other
20% is prone to flooding by rivers.
A lot of defence meganisms such
as dikes and surge barriers protect
the Dutch daily from the water.
Retain and slow drainage. If all
precipitation is drained fastly
towards the sewer or canals, these systems won’t be able to take care of all the water and will be flooded. By slow drainage the systems have more time to take care of all the water. 
True. The large ice mass on Antarctica pulls water towards itself due to the attraction of gravitational force. This bulge of water has resulted in a relatively lower water level at the Northern Hemisphere. If the ice on Antarctica melts the gravitational force will become
less, resulting in the bulge of water near Antarctica to flow towards the Northern Hemisphere.
Climate change will likely increase
winter precipitation from 20 to 30
percent by the late 21st century in
New England. Most of the precipitation will fall as rain, which can cause severe flooding. 
False. Most casualties are caused by the heavy rainfall caused by the hurricane (59%). Only 12% of the casualties are a direct effect of the winds.